Exodus International closing

A year and a half ago, Exodus International president Alan Chambers invited himself to a ‘gay christian’ conference and instigated a change of direction for that ministry.  This occurred as Chambers dialogued with Exodus’ enemies, altered core doctrine, and denied that change is possible.  I remember on this blog prophesying that this would bring the demise of Exodus; when I did I was told I was divisive, wrong, and schismatic.  Sadly, today Exodus has announced that it is going to permanently close shop.  This is so sad but also a window of new opportunity for other opportunities to emerge.  Sadly this is going to confuse many but my prayer is that it will help others to see truth with even greater clarity.  In this case, a quick death is a preferable, albeit, tragic one.

One comment on “Exodus International closing

  1. As one person on Facebook today said, “The main problem here is that the decision has been made without allowing the member ministries a say. Ever since the Board was made self-appointing the accountability has gone. An unaccountable leader (a board of self-appointed members is not accountability) is not a leader at all.”

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