Gay NBA?

Again, the world’s eyes have been diverted to the issue of homosexuality after the announcement that American veteran basketball player announced that he is gay.  As I mentioned in my previous post on this blog, it is revealing that this man’s twin brother- who shares identical DNA- is not gay which debunks the modern-day lie that homosexuality is a genetically innate condition.  Clearly it is not.  And while it is true that someone with same-sex attraction does not choose to have SSA they do have a choice about what to do with it, just as being tempted to steal money does not make someone a thief.  A person only becomes that if they choose to act on their temptation.

The reaction to the announcement of this man’s sexuality was met with the anticipated words of congratulations from a current and past president, but one man was gusty enough to state the obvious.  An ESPN reporter stated that, as a Christian, he believed Jason Collins to still be living in sin because Scripture forbids homosexuality and that anyone living as such is a sinner.  He soon was forced to eat his words by his pro-gay network.  Collins responded by saying, “This is all about tolerance and acceptance and America is the best country in the world because we’re all entitled to our opinions and beliefs but we don’t have to agree”.  Collins reiterated that he is a “Christian”.  It is interesting that Collins did not defend Chris Broussard’s right to express his mind- as long as it doesn’t critique him, Broussard can say all he likes.  It shows how hard it is for Christians today to even speak Scripture in public and there really is an erosion of freedom of speech occurring.  Will there be anti-hate speech legislation coming around the corner?  Will genuine, Bible-based churches be under threat of imprisonment or worse if they preach the gospel and critique homosexuality?  These are testing times that need prayer and boldness.

What is interesting too is that Collins asserts brazenly that he is ‘Christian’.  In what, sense, I wonder, is he a Christian?  What does he make of Scriptures that denounce homosexuality?  Matthew Vines, the viral gay Christian Youtuber, was at least honest enough to admit that, yes, the Bible really is against homosexuality except that he and others are the ‘special’ exemption to the rule because ‘God is love’ and is therefore meant to permit Vines to live however he wants as long as he’s not lonely.  (Apparently being lonely is meant to be the most horrible thing in the world in spite of the fact that almost every single Biblical hero and heroine spent time wandering along, like Jesus, Noah, Joseph, Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Job, Naomi and Ruth, Abraham, John, and Paul.  Just read the laundry list in Hebrews 11).  If Collins thinks that this is faith in Christ then he deluded because he is living a live of outrageous disobedience in the name of his ‘saviour’.  That is living is called hypocrisy and on account of it many will not be saved even if they do call Jesus ‘Lord’.

But these are the signs of today’s times and even greater signs that God’s judgement is coming quickly: as it says in Romans 1:18-32, God allows people to do what they desire and then gives them over to their vile passions as an act of judgement.  This is not something to be celebrated; in fact the more people give themselves over to do as they wish the greater their judgement and greater is their slavery to themselves.  That is a very sobering thought.  There is a way that this can be resolved and it involves allowing God to transform a life and cast aside sin.  One blogger, responding to the Collins story, put it thus:

So the love of God is not a contentless love, an actionless love.  It is the polar opposite of love as culture defines it.  Cultural love requires no change.  In fact, man-centered love requires that no change be required.  Biblical love calls for the reverse.  Wherever love is, change is.  That is, when God loves a person, he profoundly changes them, whether they are gay (contra Romans 1), vainglorious (contra James 3), an adulterer (contra Proverbs 2), or caught in any number of other sins.  He does not accept their prior orientation; in order to meet his holy standards, he requires a new orientation.  He actually makes the sinner “a new creation” in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).  True love, God’s love, is transformative, not static; active, not passive.  This is because in the Christian concept of salvation, love and holiness work together.  God’s love shed abroad in our hearts does not compromise God’s holiness.  Love enables us to meet God’s holy standards, to stand pure before him.

I pray Collins find freedom in living beyond himself for the one he calls Lord because only then can he ever know what freedom really is.

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